Representing yourself in your divorce? Here’s help.

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If you'd like to handle your own divorce or have child support set or modified, the South Carolina judicial department has forms available to help.

Filing for your divorce

The judicial department has provided forms and instructions for self-represented litigants in South Carolina.  The judicial website is  From the judicial department home page, under the tab “General Public”, there is a link to SRL Divorce Packets at  Follow the link to find the instructions regarding how to file for divorce, as well as the forms necessary for doing so.

Filing for child support

There is also a link to Self Represented Litigant Child Support Packets at  which can be helpful if you are seeking to set or modify a new or existing child support obligation.  You can also contact the Department of Social Services to assist you in having child support set.  Helpful information can be found on the DSS website at  http://south carolina department of social se…

You've done the forms — now what?

You'll need to determine the right county in which to file your action.  Once you've filed the action for divorce or child support, you'll need to serve it.  Keep in mind that rules regarding service of the Summons & Complaint are important.  The action can be served by personal service (using a process server) as well as through the mail.  If you're serving the action by mail, be sure to serve the action by certified mail, return receipt requested, delivery restricted to the addressee.  If any one of these requirements isn't met, your service will not be in accord with the Rules of Civil Procedure, and will not be valid.  South Carolina Rules of Family Court and the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure can also be found on the judicial website, at:

If you've checked out the information available and find yourself confused and in need of legal representation to obtain your divorce or have child support set or changed, please call me, and I'll be happy to help.

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