Four Clues That Your Ex-Spouse Is Living With Someone

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There are a number of reasons why it may be relevant to your interests whether your ex-spouse has taken up residence with someone new. Two common instances of when this information is useful are related to spousal support obligations.

  • During the Process of Getting Divorced. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse starts living with someone else before your divorce is finalized, evidence to that effect can be used as proof of adultery. Under South Carolina Code Section 20-3-130(A) , proof of adultery can make your ex spouse ineligible for spousal support.
  • Post-Divorce . After your divorce, if you are required to make spousal support payments, your spousal support obligation ends if your ex-spouse begins cohabitating with someone else. Under South Carolina Code Section 20-3-130 , periodic alimony obligations, rehabilitative alimony obligations, reimbursement alimony obligations and separate maintenance and support paid periodically can all be terminated if your ex-spouse starts living with someone new.

Four Common Clues That Your Ex Spouse Might Be Living With Someone

If you are paying spousal support, or are concerned that you will have to pay spousal support once your divorce is finalized, you have an incentive to prove that your ex spouse no longer deserves your support. Below are a few signs that your ex spouse may be living with someone else.

  1. Someone Is At Your Ex-Spouse's Home Often. This clue usually is easy to discover if you and your ex spouse share children. While you might not be around your ex spouse's home all the time, maybe only to drop off your kids, your children live there at least part of the time. If your children mention this new person or talk about how this person helps around the house, fixes things, or does family-like activities with them, your ex spouse maybe living with this new person.
  2. Your Ex Spouse's Social Media Is Loaded With Couples Photos. In this technologically savvy day and age, many people can easily gain access to their ex spouse's social media pages. If your ex spouse posts tons of photographs of themselves with a new person that portrays that they are in a relationship, it might mean that they are living together too.
  3. Records and Bills Suggest Financial Assistance. In some divorcing scenarios, one spouse may still be getting or have access to bills or financial statements that the spouses used to share. If you notice that your spouse has a new source of income, or is receiving sums of money, it may be a sign that someone is helping your ex spouse by providing financial assistance.
  4. Mail Addressed To Someone Else. Recently divorced and divorcing couples often run into the problem where one of the spouse's mail still goes to the address that the couple shared when they were married. If you are picking up your mail, and notice that some other person is receiving mail at your address, it is possible your ex spouse is letting someone live there with them.

Contacting a Charleston Family Law Attorney

No one should have to make spousal support payments if they are no longer warranted. If you believe that your ex spouse or soon-to-be ex spouse is living with someone else, you should consult with the family law attorneys at Sarji Law Firm, LLC.

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