Child Support Amnesty Day In Berkeley County Court

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South Carolina courts are very strict when it comes to ensuring that child support obligations are paid in a timely manner and in full. The public policy benefit for making sure that children get the financial support they need is immense, and it's important that children in South Carolina are financially cared for by both of their parents. But sometimes parents face difficulties coming up with their child support payments each month. Sometimes job insecurity or instability, illness or an unexpected injury can put a financial strain on a noncustodial parent who has a child support obligation. While it is unfortunate, from time to time, parents fail to make their child support payments on time.

Arrested for Late Child Support Payments

When child support payments are late, even by just a few days, the parent that normally receives the child support can file an action with the family court. The court will require the delinquent parent to make a court appearance to explain the delay in making his or her child support payments, and if the delinquent parent does not make an appearance in court, the court will issue a bench warrant for his or her arrest. Many South Carolina noncustodial parents end up in jail for failing to pay child support obligations on time.

Child Support Amnesty Day

In an effort to get more parents with outstanding bench warrants for their arrests to pay or restructure their child support obligations, the Berkeley County Court and the South Carolina Department of Social Services' Child Support Division have teamed up to promote and raise awareness about Child Support Amnesty Day on August 5th. According to a news report by Live 5 News, on August 5th, 150 people have been invited to arrive at the courthouse between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to either make payments, or restructure their cases to get onto a regular child support payment schedule without facing the risk of being arrested for their outstanding warrants. If the invitees participate in Child Support Amnesty Day, their warrants for overdue child support will be discharged.

A Pilot Program

The Child Support Amnesty Day is the first of its kind in Berkeley County, and is serving as a pilot program. If the day is successful, it is hoped that the program could be repeated up to three or four times per year. Implementing the program on a consistent basis could provide significant benefits since it gives those who are delinquent on their child support payments the opportunity to make some repayments, or set up a repayment plan, without the consequences of being arrested. The program also gets child support money to recipients and children who need it, sooner rather than later or never at all.

Contacting a Charleston Child Support Lawyer

Whether you are a parent who is seeking overdue child support payments from your child's other parent, or you are a parent with a child support obligation who needs help getting a child support modification, please do not hesitate to contact the experienced Charleston family lawyers at Sarji Law Firm, LLC today. Our team of lawyers has experience handling a variety of child support legal issues, and we can help you. Contact us today by calling 843-323-4341.

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