What Is The Responsible Father Registry?

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In South Carolina, there is a registry known as the Responsible Father Registry, where those men who believe, or know, that they are the father of a child that is born out of wedlock can register as the father or possible father, thereby preserving their rights to be notified in the event that the child is placed up for adoption, or in the event that the father's parental rights to the child are being subject to a termination action. Notification of these legal proceedings enables the father to take appropriate legal action to interfere and prevent these things from happening, and gives him the chance to contact an experienced South Carolina fathers' rights attorney. 

What Does Registering on the Responsible Father Registry Entail?

Placing yourself on the South Carolina Responsible Father Registry is simple and can be done either online or by mail. Registration is completely optional – a man is not required to place himself on the registry if he does not want to have parental rights to the child or a right to be notified about a pending adoption of the child.

In order to register, all that is required of the father when signing up for the registry is his name and an address where he can be reached. Additionally, if the father can provide the full name of the mother, and the name of the child, this may help facilitate any future processes. Once the father's name is on the registry, he must be contacted if the mother seeks to terminate his parental rights to the child or if the child is put up for adoption.

Registration is free. As is updating an address and removing a name from the registry. At any point, the possible father may revoke his paternity claim by filing a revocation with the Department of Social Services, which removes him from the registry. Registering on the Father Registry is not an admission of paternity; it is simply a way for the potential father to be notified before any legal action involving the child can be completed.

Registration Means The Possible Father is Notified Of Certain Proceedings

As mentioned before, placing yourself on the registry entitles you to be notified in the event that the child is placed up for adoption or if your parental rights to the child are being terminated, so that you have an opportunity to intervene. Attorneys often use the Responsible Father Registry as a means to identify any potential fathers when these legal issues concerning a child arise.

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