Getting What You Want Out Of Your Divorce

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Divorce can be a very difficult time in a person's life, and a sad, but integral part of divorce is that you are going to lose something. Its the nature of divorce. You might lose physical property, financial assets, or even time with your children, all things that will be sorely missed. That's why you need an experienced divorce attorney to help you get the things that are most important to you out of your divorce. A good divorce lawyer will help you identify what is most important to you and will provide you with realistic guidance and support as you develop strategies to get those things.

You'll never get everything you could possibly want out of your divorce, but you are able to negotiate for certain things. Maybe it means a lot to you to get the vacation home you and your ex-spouse owned together, or maybe you want a certain vehicle. There are certain strategies that you can attempt to use that might help you get those things.

Despite the Divorce, Cooperation Goes A Long Way

South Carolina is an equal division state, meaning that marital property, assets and debts are equally divided based on equal value. This means that negotiations with your ex-spouse can go a long way towards getting you certain things you want out of your divorce. Working together and cooperating can help each spouse get what they want, which may not always be possible if the spouses remain contentious.

You and your ex-spouse have the best understanding of what is important to each of you and also have the best understanding of what you have to divvy up in the first place. A judge won't base decisions on these types of considerations, and instead will simply divide up everything in the quickest, most efficient manner, regardless of what you and your ex-spouse want.

Although it can be hard to work cooperatively with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it is in both of your best interests. If you are unable to work together directly, such as face-to-face, without fighting bitterly, maybe introducing a third party would help, such as a mediator.

If You Really Want Something, Offer to Pay For It

Sometimes you might really want a specific item, such as a car or a piece of furniture. There are also assets that are so significant that it is difficult to split them equally without selling it outright and then splitting the proceeds. Instead, negotiating a buyout can be a good solution. A buyout is a process in which one ex-spouse offers to pay for an item to buy the other out of ownership of the item. Buyouts are often employed in divisions of the marital home; one spouse will buyout the other's share in the house and then keep the house as his or her own. But buyouts can be used in a variety of other assets and property divisions encountered by divorcing couples.

Contacting a Charleston Family Law Attorney

Dividing up your marital assets can be hard and emotionally trying, but it is a necessity of divorce that needs to be dealt with. If you are going through a divorce, please contact the family law attorneys at Sarji Law Firm, LLC. Divorce, and especially division of assets and property, can be complicated legal endeavors, and an experienced divorce lawyer can help you navigate through the process. Call us today at 843-323-4341.

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