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Whatever scenario you're currently facing, be it a divorce, child custody battle, or other family law issue, you're surely going through a stressful time. Let the lawyer you choose to represent you alleviate some of that stress. Sarji Law Firm LLC has been representing families in the Charleston area for over a decade, and is here for you and your family in your time of need.

Divorce law

A divorce can be messy, regardless of who (if anyone) is at fault and what the outcome will look like. The first things to know are the different types of divorce:

  • No-fault divorce does not require either party to demonstrate fault in order to justify the divorce.
  • Mediation serves as an alternate to divorce involving a third party mediator that helps the couple to arrive at settlement.
  • Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation but allows couples, and other family professionals, to work together to peacefully reach an outcome and avoid court settlement.

Divorce laws vary by state, and it is important to seek legal advice regarding the requirements that are specific to your state. For example, some states require a mandated separation period prior to the divorce, and others vary in their terms for child support and custody following the divorce. Sarji Law Firm is a fixture in the Charleston community, and well versed in South Carolina Divorce law.

Child custody

Child custody should be one of the most important concerns when considering your divorce. Who will care for the children is critical to the outcome of your separation; make sure that you are aware of all the options.

  • Joint Physical Custody is where both parents share the physical and legal privileges associated with their children. Often, visitation schedules are set, and both parents maintain the right to make decisions regarding the well being of their child. This includes, but is not limited to, decisions about education and health.
  • Sole Custody occurs in the necessary scenario that one parent is found unfit to maintain custody of his or her child. In this situation, one parent is granted full physical and legal custody of the child(ren).

Divorce, child custody, and other family law issues can be stressful to navigate. Call Sarji Law Firm LLC in Charleston for legal counsel, support, and peace of mind.

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