Divorce in South Carolina

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Divorce can be an emotional process for all parties involved and may cause undue anxiety, stress, or depression. If you have recently been served divorce papers in South Carolina it can also be confusing to navigate the legal system, especially if it was an unexpected occurrence.

Does the date matter?

The date on which you received the paperwork is very important, as it helps to determine future deadlines to file documents with the court. If you miss deadlines this can seriously harm or damage the case, and may lead to forfeiting some of your legal rights. Divorce papers vary be each state, but often include a petition for divorce, financial affidavit, notice of hearing, answer and affidavit, settlement agreement, and divorce decree. The paper can sometimes be confusing so it may be important to seek legal help on filing your paperwork to the clerk's office up through the court hearing.

Do I have to read all the paperwork?

It is important to read all of the documents that you received from your spouse. It is often helpful to make a list of things that you agree and disagree with as you go through the documents. If there are specific allegations you may need to start gathering evidence, such as alternative documents, witness statements, and photographs that would disprove the allegations listed in the divorce papers.


What is the Motion for Temporary Relief?

In South Carolina divorce cases, there may be a temporary hearing in order to have the court decide on pressing concerns, such as alimony, visitation rights, and support of children. A Motion for Temporary relief helps to determine the short-term immediate issues, such as housing and childcare. These issues will then be brought to a temporary hearing or preliminary hearing, which is scheduled by one spouse completing the paperwork for temporary relief. This process may require completing a financial statement that includes monthly income living expenses, and other assets and debts.

How can Sarji Law Firm, LCC support me through this process?

The Sarji Law Firm, LLC is an experienced divorce team that has a deep understanding of family law in order to help you achieve your goals in Family Court. Our family lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina can provide assistance after divorce papers have been served and parties need support around asset division, child custody, child support, and child support enforcement.

During many divorces, concerns around debt division and equitable distribution of assets are of concern to the parties involved. It can be difficult to navigate state regulations about dividing up assets, such as homes, bank accounts, stock accounts, retirement accounts and other property division. A Charleston family lawyer with experience in family court can help to protect your interests and property rights through the divorce process.

If you feel that you and your spouse have exhausted all avenues in repairing your relationship and are headed for a divorce please get in touch with a Charleston family lawyer to set up a consultation by calling 843-323-4341.

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