Why Choose a Former Trial Lawyer for Your Divorce Case?

Posted by Leslie SarjiApr 04, 20130 Comments

If you and your spouse have recently decided to divorce, you probably have some questions about how things should proceed and what you should do to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. One of the first things you should do is speak with a qualified divorce attorney who can counsel you on how best to go forward.

A lot of divorce cases are settled with only light intervention from family lawyers and the court. But in situations where both parties are locked in a struggle, having an experienced trial lawyer can pay dividends in the long run and ensure you don't get jerked around by your spouse or their more aggressive family lawyer.

There are two key benefits to choosing a former trial lawyer to represent you in your divorce case:

Willingness to fight

Some Charleston family attorneys would rather act as intermediaries in divorce cases rather than truly advocate on behalf of their client. They want both sides to come to a reasonable agreement, even if that means compromising on some of the goals for the spouse whom they represent. Former trial lawyers are less apt to relent just for the sake of abbreviating the case, and are more geared towards fighting for the outcome you want and deserve.

While Leslie Sarji recognizes the need for levelheaded and reasonable negotiation, she is willing to fight for your child custody and property rights. And she doesn't stop fighting until all legal options have been exhausted to get you the case outcome you deserve.

Familiarity with courtroom proceedings

A family attorney can be willing to battle in the courtroom but may not possess the experience necessary to deliver effective results. Choosing a former trial lawyer to represent you in your divorce case gives you an edge if the case makes its way to the courtroom. Trial lawyers are well versed in courtroom proceedings and are experienced when it comes to articulating your case and the legal facts surrounding it to the South Carolina family court. Ultimately, enlisting the help of a divorce lawyer with courtroom experience gives you the best change for an outcome you can live with.

Leslie Sarji is an experienced trial attorney now serving Charleston residents in divorce cases. If you want a local divorce attorney who's willing to fight for your rights, call 843-323-4341 or click below to set up your consultation.

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