Don’t Go Into Your Charleston Child Custody Battle Alone

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Child custody cases can be some of the most intense and grueling family court proceedings in South Carolina. That's why the courts usually suggest that the spouses work out a custody and visitation agreement amongst themselves. Child custody litigation can be expensive, so it's best to reach a resolution with the help of a Charleston child custody lawyer before the court has to intervene. However, if the spouses can't reach a resolution, the court will have to make a decision based on the best interests of the child. To stand the best chance of winning your case, you need a child custody lawyer who will both look out for the child's best interest

The bests interests of the child

The result of a child custody case can heavily influence the life of the child in question. Before litigation even begins, the spouses should ask themselves if they want to put themselves and their children through such an emotionally tolling process. Even more important is that the parents consider which lifestyle will be most conducive to the child's happiness and ability to carry on life without abrupt changes in their neighborhood or school.

Child custody battles can also exacerbate the negative relational aspects between the divorced couple and can affect how the children perceive the relationship between the two spouses. If at all possible, it's best for the parents to set custody terms amongst themselves so as to avoid the possibility of a bitter struggle in the courtroom.

Theoretically, gender isn't supposed to be a factor in child custody cases

Sometimes, it's necessary for the family court to intervene to determine which parent is best qualified to be the primary custodial guardian. When that's the case, the court will weigh factors like the age of the child, their current living arrangements and lifestyle and the parental fitness of each parent before making a final decision on the provisions of the child custody and visitation agreements. When making these decisions, the gender of the parent is NOT a recognized legal factor.

Child custody can be a confusing and stressful time for all involved. A Charleston divorce and family lawyer can help you navigate the legal landscape and advocate on your behalf to prove that you deserve to be the custodial parent.

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