5 Common Mistakes Men Make in SC Divorce Cases

Posted by Leslie SarjiFeb 25, 20130 Comments

In South Carolina divorce cases, men are often at a handicap when dealing with judges and the court system. Despite the fact that the court is supposed to be gender blind, it's no secret that divorce cases often work in favor of the mother.

Here are some mistakes men make in SC divorce cases and why you should do everything in your power to avoid them.

1) Not having adequate financial records

Having well-kept financial records is crucial in getting a favorable outcome in terms of property divisions, child support judgments and other decisions of the court. Not having adequate records can be costly and force the man to give up more of his assets than he realistically owes.

2) Moving out of the home before divorce proceedings, or neglecting the children

In the eyes of the South Carolina family court, maintaining ongoing interaction with your children through the divorce process is critical. Fathers who move out of the home or who act differently towards their children during divorce proceedings are penalized in the eyes of many judges because they aren't seen as contributing to the well-being of the child.

3) Not choosing a good divorce lawyer

Don't just choose a law firm that says they do divorce cases. Choose a law firm that has experience trying divorce cases and fighting for their clients. Sarji Law Firm is a Charleston family law practice with a track record of success in SC divorce cases.

4) Witholding relevant information from your attorney

In order for your attorney to offer you the best service possible, you need to provide them with all the information they need to do their job. Lying to your attorney or withholding information relevant to the case can only hurt you in the long run.

5) Revealing too much information

Whether it's spouting off something detrimental to your case in a heated discussion with your wife, or posting a rant on social media sites, a common mistake men make is saying things that can negatively affect their case in a divorce. If you're going through divorce, do everything in your power to keep the issues private until the decisions are final.

If you can avoid some of these common pitfalls, you can have a more successful South Carolina Divorce and end up better of in the long run.

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