Charleston Property Division – Divorce Advice for Men

Posted by Leslie SarjiFeb 22, 20130 Comments

Many family court and divorce deliberations focus prominently the well-being of the child involved in the separation. And rightfully so – parents and divorce lawyers should do everything in their power to ensure that divorce's impact on the child is minimal and that both the mother's rights and father's rights are protected. But what about the assets involved in the split?

All too often, the male spouse gets the short end of the stick and is forced to relinquish an unfair portion of the assets in a divorce.  Are you a man who's going through a divorce? Preserve your net worth by enlist the consultation of a Charleston divorce attorney at Sarji Law Firm.

You deserve a fair shake at keeping your assets – many of which you may have accumulated years before you ever even met your spouse. Here are some tips on protecting your assets during a divorce and some insight as to how a divorce attorney can help:

  1. Understand the South Carolina property division laws. Seek help from an attorney in determining how you should handle the specifics of your situation
  2. Renege your spouse's powers of attorney. This applies to assets in in your name alone and general powers that would give the wife the right to act on your behalf when it comes to other financial and legal issues.
  3. Cancel any joint credit cards to ensure you're not held liable for purchases you don't make.
  4. If possible, close out any joint banking and investment accounts to prevent the spouse taking any assets and hiding them away. The laws on this practice can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so consult with a qualified family attorney with experience handling high net worth divorce cases.
  5. Keep records – of everything. It makes the property division aspect of the divorce much more efficient.

These are only a few ways to improve your chances of keeping your assets during a divorce. When you consult with Sarji Law Firm, you'll get advice from a Charleston lawyer experienced in handling the asset division during this stressful time.

Sarji Law Firm doesn't just concede your assets to the other party, and it understands that the man in the divorce often deserves to keep his property. Call today for a consultation.

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