North Charleston Family and Divorce Lawyers Ensure the Best Future for Your Family

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When it comes to settling disputes within a family, it can be difficult for either to party to admit that they may need a lawyer to resolve their differences. In North Charleston, family and divorce lawyers work hours upon hours to ensure that locals families get the consultation and representation they need to settle their family disputes. Here are just a few examples of disputes that can be settled with the help of divorce and family attorneys in the North Charleston area.

Charleston Divorce

Family and divorce lawyers understand that divorce can be one of the most emotionally tolling process a parent will ever experience. That's why advocates do everything possible to reach a resolution peacefully. In divorce cases, peaceful resolutions aren't always possible – especially when it comes to child custody and child support. Most family attorneys will fight tooth and nail to ensure their client gets the fairest possible deal in the divorce.

Child custody

North Charleston family lawyers want nothing more than for your child to be put in the best situation possible. Before the decision goes to a judge in family court, attorneys suggest the parents work a custody agreement out amongst themselves. But if they can't reach a peaceful settlement, the court will decide. It's up to the attorneys to articulate which parent is best able to provide care for the child.

Child support

The cost of living continues to increase in North Charleston. Single parents struggle as much as ever to provide for their loved ones in the absence of a second source of household income. That's why child support payments are so crucial to a child's well-being. North Charleston family and divorce lawyers help the parent responsible for the child's primary care get a favorable child support payment to go towards providing food, shelter, clothing, healthcare access and other basic life necessities.

North Charleston Family Court Advocates

If you need help resolving family disputes, handling a divorce or seeking child custody or child support payments, Sarji Family Law is one of the North Charleston family and divorce advocates who's willing to fight for you. Call today for a free consultation.

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