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Divorce cases often involve more than the relational aspect between the husband and wife. For example, a New York couple’s divorce could affect the fate of a popular ice cream shop in East Village:

“Now that’s cold.

A bitter divorce battle between the co-owners of a popular vegan East Village ice cream shop is threatening to shutter the hotspot, court records show.

Derek Hackett and ex-wife Blythe Boyd, both of Manhattan, opened Lula’s Apothecary in 2008 while still married — quickly establishing a loyal following that included Paul McCartney’s ex, Heather Mills.

But the couple got divorced in 2012 — and earlier this month, Hackett filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding the business be dissolved because Boyd is hoarding the profits for herself.” …read the whole story

Are you at the center of a divorce where, like in the current New York case, more than just your relationship is at stake? A North Charleston divorce attorney can help you fight for your rights in your divorce case, including taking action to help ensure you get a fair claim to the property involved in the dispute.

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