Mt Pleasant Child Custody Lawyer – Be Ready for the discussion

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Whether it's in the case of a divorce or an untimely passing of a family member, a child's future is often at stake. Take the case of Jovan Belcher, the Kansas City Chief's football player who took his own life after murdering his girlfriend and mother of his child. His mother is in a battle right now to seek custody of Belcher's young son:

“A petition filed by the mother of a Kansas City Chiefs player who killed his girlfriend before taking his own life is scheduled to be considered in a brief court hearing.

Cheryl Shepherd, mother of Jovan Belcher, is seeking custody of 4-month-old Zoey Belcher and to be named administrator of her son's estate. A court spokeswoman says the only action expected at Friday's probate hearing is to change the status of the custody petition to contested from uncontested.” read more…

What if you or a relative are ever forced to deal with a child custody situation? A Mt Pleasant child custody lawyer specializes in fighting on your behalf in situations where a child's future is at stake.

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