Divorce Rate May Rise As Economy Improves

Posted by Leslie SarjiDec 12, 20120 Comments

One divorce lawyer said they had seen a 30% increase in divorce cases in the past year, suggesting that unhappy couples who had put off a split because they could not afford it were now comfortable walking away according to this article.

JMW Solicitors say the rise mirrors a sharp drop in new inquiries about divorces it saw in the wake of the financial crisis four years ago.

The figure echoes predictions from other family lawyers but represents some of the first clear evidence that a large rise in divorces could be on the way.

Official figures show that a general downward trend in divorces continued for the first two years of the downturn but then rose by five per cent in 2010 to roughly 200,000.

Although final figures for 2011 have not yet been released, case numbers from Ministry of Justice suggest that the rate will be close to that in the previous year.

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